Saturday, January 17, 2009

Serious levels of geekitudinous love!

Today, My sweetie switched iPhones with me. I had the original iPhone -paid the geektax and everything (the $100 refund from Apple went to an iTunes certificate that I'm still using... ;-) My sweetie had a 3G iPhone. Life was good.

But - he just doesn't use his iPhone the way Ghod (Steve Jobs) intended. I mean, he only used it as a *phone*. Hardly any other apps on it!

I, on the other hand, have been lusting after one of the Clarifi , a lens to slide over the iPhone lens so you can read barcodes!It works with Snappr.

Did I mention that I have *everything* on my phone? I've read several books with Stanza, listen to music with Pandora, do my grocery shopping with iNeedStuff, use both iCal and googleCal on the phone, it's even my alarm clock (because, unlike my regular bedside clock, I can set it to ring at 6:30am MTF and 7:00am W and 8amTh, to fit my son's wacky school schedule), and it's got all my contacts, and it syncs with mobileme so I don't have to worry about losing stuff. And did I mention that mine is an 8gig but his is 16gigs?

So - yeah, we stood in line today at AT&T and after a while, they called us up, swapped out the sim cards, and sent us home. I'm in the middle of re-syncing after restoring the phone. As soon as I restored it, it asked 'restore from backup?' oh yes!

I love my phone. And I also love my sweetie. And he loves me. Obviously.

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