Monday, July 5, 2010

Living off the Land(line)

So, I just finally hooked up a phone to the landline. Mind you, they installed that at the same time as our internet. I just hadn't actually plugged anything in yet. OTOH - I have used my cellphone extensively. Now, I've got to update my Google Voice number to ring the landline.

It was odd, telling Alex that we needed to get a new phone. It wasn't clear that I didn't mean a cellphone. ;-) So when I walked into Best Buy tonight to grab a new phone, I was prepared to ask for a landline phone. The default is no longer landline - it's cellphone.

Even odder is realizing as I type this that it isn't really a landline! It's a VOIP service with AT&T Uverse. So, I guess we're not on the phone lines anymore, for real. Okay, I realize that many folks have switched already; it's just briefly unsettling to think about the change. (I feel so behind!) Guess now we have finally and truly joined the digital age.

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