Thursday, August 23, 2012

PyCon proposals I'd like to see

PyCon 2013 is current accepting proposals. I'm looking forward to helping review the proposals.

So, what proposals would *I* like to see?

Anything science related, especially bio and chemistry and neuroscience stuff
Anything health related
Anything homestead related - how do you use Python in your home, your garden, your office, your private hobby, knitting, weaving, ...
How Python is being/or could be used in the office and support areas (HR, Marketing, Admin Assistants, Finance)
Anything with robots
Anything about Making stuff
Anything about GAE
Hacking your fitness with Python

Accessibility how-tos

Here's where to submit your proposal

I'm planning on proposing a talk on "Hello GAE" - an overview for folks who  haven't used it before. Also a "You can be a speaker at PyCon!" session for folks who are considering being a speaker in 2014 but don't know how to start.

I know there will be plenty of my favorite speakers at PyCon - we're starting to get proposals from some of you already.  I'm especially interested in getting proposals from a wide variety of new folks. Entrepreneurs, web designers, interaction designers, chemists, rocket scientists, secretaries, WHO (you know who you are!), fitness geeks, women, people of color, neuroscientists, and anybody else I've never heard speak at PyCon before.

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