Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's been a busy quarter and it ain't done yet

I love my Learning and Memory class. I want to love my philosophy of mind class but I'm just not cut out for "philosophy". I have 5 classes. In two of them, I'm researching on autism, which is kewl. I have a research internship this summer investigating executive dysfunction. Fun!

More later...


Ned Batchelder said...

I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on autism. My wife and I live with it via our son, 18. She has written extensively about it, me only a little bit.

Anna Martelli Ravenscroft said...

My views tend toward neurodiversity. I would love less research on "curing" autism and more on mitigating negative effects and improving communication technology available to autists and their families. I've seen enough writing and video from formerly "non-communicating" autists who are brilliant, just not good at verbal communication, to accept that it is necessarily something to be "cured", as such.

I also recognize that there exist major challenges for autists and families. So I don't want to minimize that. I would prefer more support for families and autists to address those challenges.