Sunday, September 16, 2007

Between apps

I've been using the Shelfari app with Facebook. It's kinda fun. I heard there's a new Google Books "My Library" app. Great! I looked at it. The only way to import books is by ISBN. Eep. Okay, so I go to Shelfari, find out how to download my library. Write a little python script to extract the ISBNs, find out that some books don't have ISBNs - only ASINs (Amazon Standard ID Number), for no apparent reason. Fine, I'll only upload those majority that do have ISBNs. Copied the list of numbers and pasted it into Google's import ISBN textfield (Yes - you have to enter it into a textfield!) and hit Submit. Oh joy - it's imported about half of them, with no explanation as to why it didn't import the rest.

1) no way to import directly from another app (like Shelfari or Goodreads or ...)
2) no way to browse my computer for a file of ISBNs
3) no information on what problem might have caused the others to not import

There's no good reason in this day and age why any app like this shouldn't allow *some* easy and obvious way to import data that I've already gone through the trouble of inputting elsewhere.

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