Tuesday, September 25, 2007

So much for easy

So my plan was to take a light load this quarter: French, Phil and HCI. Then I found out about a nifty neuroscience course. Okay - maybe I can fit that in, it's only 2 credits and only one day a week. Then last night, I get an email saying that the computational linguistics course I was planning on taking next year won't be taught next year because he's going on leave. Sigh. So - drop the neuroscience course, and add the CompLing course, because I need that for my major and was looking forward to it. So now I have 18 units and 2 of the courses will be definitely putting me through my programming paces.

One of the things they'll be "teaching" in the HCI course is the "prototyping culture". I've already got that from Python. It's easy to prototype things when you know it's easy to refactor. It was interesting to see how many women were in the HCI class - one of the women asked if it was an okay class since she's not a "hardcore coder". The instructor was reassuring - we'll be working in teams, and as long as someone on the team can handle the programming, we'll be fine. I'm looking forward to this course.

I'm not looking forward to having more work than I'd expected. Ah well.

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