Friday, September 28, 2007

Feeling better now

Went through some slides with Alex and focused on the things I want them to learn. I feel better about it now - I've got a good idea of how we'll go about things and what we'll be teaching. Should be interesting though. These are classmates, and I feel like this session will make a difference.


Fuzzyman said...

Hey Anna, just discovered your blog.

Very intereating to hear about your exploits at Stantford. Glad to hear that Python is used there and that you are promoting the cause!

I'm also a programmer without a degree (I got kicked out!) and wonder if someday I will want to go back to school. No inclination so far - what made you decide you wanted a degree?

Anyway, interested to hear about your further explouts. Keep blogging (and good luck).

Will you be speaking at PyCon next year?

osg said...

If you get this in time, would you mind video- and/or audio-taping your presentation? I would love to see/hear it.