Friday, September 28, 2007

What was I thinking?

OMG - so I'm running a workshop on Python tomorrow, for classmates. With, like, no preparation. Booger.

Okay - deep breath. Alex has a bunch of slides on python 101, that I can steal from. I just have to figure out, like, what I'm going to cover and how I'm going to do that. Eep.

I'm thinking:
primitives: strings, numbers, lists
if/elif/else statements
for/while loops
user input
and just running a simple script.
And they'll have to be introduced to python's re module, because we have to do regular expression matching for the project.

So, yeah, it's not complicated but - uffda. I'm feeing really nervous now. I'll be okay, I just need to express that "OMGWTFBBQ" feeling.


Anonymous said...


if it helps any, this is the book i'm going to use to teach an elementary school class. i just bought every student a copy.

amazon link:

if you have safari or 24x7 you can view it now and steal ideas.

Anna Martelli Ravenscroft said...

Actually, I recommend that book a lot.